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Established freelancers may find themselves in situations where they have tons of work to do. Furthermore, they might sometimes find themselves in situations where they have tons of freelance clients, or simply client overload. However, what about those freelancers who struggle to land any job at all?

The process of finding freelance clients, and getting them on board, can be frustrating.

If you’re new to freelancing or are simply looking for help in landing a new gig, get ready to learn a few tips (which were all verified by moi)!

Today we will cover some guaranteed strategies for landing new freelance clients…so let’s get to it!


Set up Lead Generation Website

Many freelancers succeeded in their careers by using lead generation websites. Setting up a website with good design and detailed portfolio can be a good starting point. Add as much as possible relevant information about your past work and experience.

Ask your previous clients for feedback, which you can then use on your new lead generation website.

You can also start your own blog as part of your lead generation website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term work but it’s worth it. If you do it right, you will have tons of new clients knocking on your door.

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Partner With Other Freelancers in Your Industry

One of the best ways to land a new client is to partner up with freelancers in your industry. Ask them if they need help on their existing projects. They can also help you land a gig with their past clients as well.

Partnering with other freelancers is beneficial for another reason, as well. Since there are lots of freelancers who work full-time, they can hand you their project if they are too busy to take it.

In the beginning of my career, I teamed up with other freelancers in the marketing niche to get new jobs. 5 out of 10 jobs were landed solely from partnering with them. Today I help other freelancers to land new gigs using the same verified method.




Send Personalized Cover Letters/E-mails

 Sending personalized cover letters or e-mails will help you land new gigs a lot more easier. You may be wondering why is it so important. Here’s why:

  1. According to statistics, only 10-20% of freelancers send personalized cover letters. Therefore, even the slightest effort might make a difference and will make you stand out from the crowd
  2. Clients automatically decline freelancers who use template cover letters
  3. Your first impression is what matters
  4. Personalized cover letters show clients that you read job descriptions and give them valuable information that they need in order to hire you

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Sign up on High-Quality Job Boards

 There are tons of freelancing websites you can use to look for freelance work. However, how many of them are high quality? Probably, not many.

95% of all freelancing websites are not offering work with decent payment and quality clients.

If you are applying for jobs on job board websites, it’s important to learn about your new clients even before you apply for a job. Most of the freelancing websites have monthly limit of connects or applications that you can send out. With that in mind, here are few tips on how you can do that:

  • Good clients usually include full job description
  • They mention how much they are ready to pay
  • They ask for some samples of your previous work

Personally I prefer UpWork. Not because it’s a high quality job board, but because I started there with low rates, and got the chance to raise my hourly rate pretty quickly.

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 Last, but not least, all of the above mentioned is your patience. People are often saying things like “I sent 20 applications but I did not land a single job, I am out of it”.

Like in life, patience is all you need. There will be times when you’ll send out hundreds of applications and you won’t get any replays at all.

Be patient and strive towards your goal. Freelancing is an everyday hunt. You are the hunter and your new clients are your prey. Do not get frustrated or disappointed simply because you didn’t land any work that day.

If your will to work and land new clients is strong enough, your luck ought to change soon!


Before We Go, Have You Done Your Homework?

 When you’re pitching a new freelance clients, have some notes prepared. What would you do to make their business better?

If you know the person you’ll be talking to, prior to your teaming up for business, take advantage of it.

Research a little. Check out their website and gather as much info as possible.

Have a set of questions ready for them. Don’t be afraid to learn about their business before you even start working for them. Feel free to ask them anything! This only shows how interested you really are.

When I’m talking to potential clients, I ask as much questions as possible. That way I learn more about their business. Furthermore, It helps me find the best solution for them.


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