Landing quality clients and high paying jobs on UpWork is considered difficult for some. Many established freelancers struggle when it comes to moving up from low paying gigs. It’s true that competition on UpWork is growing stronger by the minute.

oDesk has recently merged with Elance, making it one of the biggest and most competitive freelancing markets under the name UpWork. Soon, Elance will shut down and all of their clients and freelancers will have to move their profiles to UpWork.

In order to decrease the tension and stress you are dealing with as a new freelancer, we’ve made a list of tips which may make things somewhat easier for you.

The 6 following tips will help you find better, and higher paying jobs on UpWork:


1. 100% Complete UpWork Profile

Having a 100% complete profile on UpWork is crucial. You can make your profile complete by following the steps such as adding relevant job experience and completing tests relevant to your knowledge. Try to get best scores possible in each of the exams you are taking.

Uploading your profile photo, adding your job title, overview and at least two skills will get you to 50% profile completion.

Once you reach 50%, there are a few combinations that you can use to get to a 100% complete profile:

  • Education +10%
  • Other Experience +5%
  • Each Employment History +10% (max 30%)
  • Each Skill Test +10% (max 30%)
  • Each Certificate +5% (max 10%)
  • Each Portfolio item +5% (max 10%)


2. Consider not applying for jobs if client payment method is not verified

Most new clients on UpWork don’t have their payment method verified, so it’s really important not to “waste” your connects on this jobs. However, if you really like to apply for the job, you should talk to the client and get this sorted out before you perform any work for them.

Here is an example of a client without a payment method verified:


And also an example of a client with a verified payment method:


Recently many clients moved from Elance to UpWork and they haven’t verified their payment methods yet. Your payment is not guaranteed if your client’s payment method is not verified! Getting this sorted out could be a good start of a new hassle-free contract.

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3. Answer to job interviews ASAP

Some of the clients tend to hire the first person they interview. Not because they have good skills, but just because they need the job done as soon as possible. Once you get interviewed for a job that you did or did not apply for, it’s time to act upon it.

You can get interviewed for jobs that you applied for, but you can also get interviewed if you are invited to a certain project. Go ahead and read the job description. Also have a look at the message that was sent to you from the client and respond to it.

Answer the questions, if there were any sent from the client, and wait for the magic. When you are doing your interview, try to do your best and show off your skills in the best possible way. Remember to decline an interview if you are not interested in the job.

Replying to everyone will help you keep your response score high. When you answer to job interviews within a day, your score will look like this:



4. Get UpWork Freelancer Plus Membership Plan

UpWork membership Freelancer Plus plan gives freelancers certain benefits and features as part of their account. The plan offers great advantages to new freelancers when it comes to finding new jobs. It’s always hard to get new gigs in the beginning, therefore this membership plan can give you a nice boost.

Freelancers who upgrade their account to Plus membership plan earn an additional 10 connects per month, and an ability to purchase more connects than needed. With this plan, freelancers can also transfer their unused connects into the following month.

Another great feature of the plan is you get to view your competitor bids on all projects. This could benefit new freelancers to establish their rates. You can also find more information on how to set up your rates in our previous post.

Freelancer Plus membership plan costs only $10/month. You can find more information about this plan here.

If you decide to switch to plus membership plan, you can do so by following this steps:

  1. Click the Settings icon, and then click Memberships & Connects.
  2. Click the View or edit membership plan link.


5. Do your best to stand out between UpWork competitors

Have you been looking for jobs on UpWork recently with no luck? Well, starting something new is always rough, especially when you are competing with tons of established freelancers on UpWork. Recently oDesk merged with Elance and became UpWork. It’s understandable that competition will be greater; however, there will also be lots of new jobs from new clients merging their accounts to UpWork.

Beating the competiton and winning high paying jobs on UpWork can sometimes be hard, to say the least. Where to start? It’s really important to figure out your plan, and determine how to execute it in order to win.

We have been talking about competition and how to analyze it in one of our previous posts.

In order to win high paying jobs on UpWork you need to understand how this platform really works. Many people start applying to jobs in the wrong way, and they quit early because they don’t land any gigs. What happened?

Most freelancers will send same proposal with their skills to each of the clients they come across. This is obviously the wrong approach.

It’s important to be specific. Take some time and put yourself in your client’s shoes. Try to understand what they are looking for.

To beat your competition you will need some extra skills and knowledge. Try to get certified for all of the services you offer. This will help you convince your new clients that you are the right person for the job.

You can also expand your knowledge base with courses from sites like Udemy & Coursera.
6. Search for jobs with price in your search query

Once you start landing higher paying jobs you will see that the type of clients is changing. You will also realize that the clients’ expectations are different. Looking for higher paying jobs can sometimes be tricky.

When you are looking for jobs on UpWork, try to search by price. Simply try searching for an amount that you are ready to work for. Try with $300 or $500. When you search for a job with a price on display, there will be different job postings in different categories. On the left, you can choose the category you would like to find work in. After you’ve done that, you will see only the jobs that contain the price that you mentioned in your search box and the category you chose later on.



Have you been successful with landing high paying gigs on UpWork recently? Let us know if you have any questions in comments, and we will be more than happy to answer them!

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