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Welcome to Nomadship!

We like to see Nomadship as a community of like-minded individuals gathered together for a higher purpose – to learn and share knowledge and experience.

Behind Nomadship are two old friends deeply involved in freelancing work and digital nomad lifestyle. We both started with the regular jobs, be it in a small IT company or a large corporation, decided to change the course of our paths and ended up as freelancers. Today we’re enjoying life in our small hometown in a beautiful Croatia or traveling around the world.

Stories on life, work and travel as digital nomads, thoughts on future of work.

If you’re unhappy with the current job and want a successful change to a freelancing career, on Nomadship you can read first hand stories on how to start working as a freelancer.

If you’re already working as a freelancer and want to know how to become a better one, on Nomadship you can read how to achieve personal and professional growth in today’s fast paced, connected world.

Why Nomadship?

The world is changing fast and there’s a major workplace demographic shift in the making. By 2020, about half the workers in the western countries will be independent contractors. Technology is making it possible to work from anywhere.

Everything you need (along with education and skills) is to be productive and to use the right tools for you to be on the top of the incoming wave of changes.

This is an amazing time to be an expert in anything online, to be an entrepreneur, to be a digital nomad.

And for our dear fellow digital nomads – we would like to meet you all and hear your wanderlust stories. 🙂

Enjoy your journey!


David & Matija