Be a Freelance Blogger is a freelance writing blog started in 2009 by Sophie Lizard. She started this blog when she was broke, jobless, homeless and pregnant.Before that she tried a lot of different jobs. She have been a data entry specialist, a marketing manager, and a photographic model.


Paid to Blog is a freelance blog started by Tom Ewer. He is a freelance writer and professional blogger. He have been blogging since June 2011 and in that time have earned over $100,000 while working just a handful of hours per day. He have made more than $6,000 in a single month from freelance blogging while working just 2-3 hours per weekday at an hourly rate of $161 per hour. His rate never dips below $150 per hour these days.


Freelance Folder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers. They strive to bring you the articles, information, and community you need to succeed.


The Savvy Freelancer is a blog created to provide resources on how to freelance – not just any kind of freelancing, but the SAVVY kind. What – or who – is a savvy freelancer? A savvy freelancer is somebody who is not only skilled in his or her field, but is also a savvy entrepreneur.


Outsourced Freelancing Success is another great blog about freelancing and freelancing success. This blog was started by Lise Cartwright who is a Freelance Writer and Coach on a mission to help other freelancer’s be successful using outsourcing sites like oDesk. Her page offers a lot of helpful resources and e-books about freelancing.


NomadicNotes is a travel blog from the perspective of a long term traveller. The site features travel guides, travel tips, and notes on places I have visited around the world.



FreelancerNews is all about the Freelancer, bringing you advice, news and general chit chat that hopefully you will find useful or at least amusing. The modern day freelancer is a busy soul having to contend with new online challenges and growing daily competition, also having the ability to adapt to constant client demands, but who said it would be easy?


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