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Landing quality clients and high paying jobs on UpWork is considered difficult for some. Many established freelancers struggle when it comes to moving up from low paying gigs. It’s true that competition on UpWork is growing stronger by the minute.

oDesk has recently merged with Elance, making it one of the biggest and most competitive freelancing markets under the name UpWork. Soon, Elance will shut down and all of their clients and freelancers will have to move their profiles to UpWork.

In order to decrease the tension and stress you are dealing with as a new freelancer, we’ve made a list of tips which may make things somewhat easier for you.

The 6 following tips will help you find better, and higher paying jobs on UpWork:


4 Steps I Followed to Successfully Start My Freelancing Career

Before becoming a full time freelancer, I spent some time researching the best possible way to do something like that. Even though I had years of experience in my profession, I was more than aware that moving from a local to a global market was not something to underestimate.

I was already familiar with the best freelancing websites where I could find new job gigs, so the only thing missing was a plan on how to switch from my regular job to a freelancing career.

So what’s the best way to start working as a freelancer?