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Upwork Evolution

Last night, when I received an email from Upwork titled as an important update to Upwork’s pricing, I thought that finally some positive change will happen to the world’s biggest freelancers and freelance jobs marketplace.

Over the past few months, freelancers and businesses have experienced Upwork’s website and Team App not working for hours, and we’re using Upwork’s search engine, which would give results that have nothing to do with the search query. Not to mention the changes in the algorithm that calculates freelancers’ job success rate. Due to it, many independent contractors were left angry and in disbelief.

Yesterday, we at Nomadship thought Upwork is finally changing in a positive way, but we were wrong.


How to improve your Job Success Score on Upwork

With Upwork’s recent move from 5-star rating to Job Success Score as a representation of a freelancer’s work quality, and client’s satisfaction with it, many of us were left surprised with JSS’s changes every two weeks.

What happened to me is that after a month or so, none of my contracts were finished nor closed. I only worked on already existing jobs, which my clients were very happy and satisfied with. And then my Job Success Score dropped from 95% to 88%.

After that, my JSS continued falling every two weeks, being only 79% at one point.



Landing quality clients and high paying jobs on UpWork is considered difficult for some. Many established freelancers struggle when it comes to moving up from low paying gigs. It’s true that competition on UpWork is growing stronger by the minute.

oDesk has recently merged with Elance, making it one of the biggest and most competitive freelancing markets under the name UpWork. Soon, Elance will shut down and all of their clients and freelancers will have to move their profiles to UpWork.

In order to decrease the tension and stress you are dealing with as a new freelancer, we’ve made a list of tips which may make things somewhat easier for you.

The 6 following tips will help you find better, and higher paying jobs on UpWork: