Coworking Spaces in Croatia

Being part of the evergrowing freelance community has made me realize that, while working alone, sometimes you find yourself in a rut. This state often manifests itself as a lack of creativity, inspiration, and motivation.

Importance of work strategy improvement had an influence on young professionals. They imagined a low-cost office space where people gather and work together. Not only it is a relatively inexpensive, but also a very productive way to carry out an activity they are assigned to.

The idea came to a realization and so-called coworking spaces have begun to spread rapidly among the freelance community. Since the numbers of these kinds of spaces are increasing each day, every developed country has at least a couple of coworking locations within its borders. Croatia is one of them.


Here are some of the coworking facilities in Croatia

BIZkoshnica – A place where innovative entrepreneurs, freelancers and leaders share their ideas in favor of making their work process much easier. Situated in the heart of Zagreb, this workspace provides its users with quality communications and office equipment. One day in BIZkoshnica will cost you 110 HRK (approx. $17), while a month-worth of fixed workplace costs 1350 HRK (approx. $203).

ZIP.Factory – Pleasant working environment which is only enhanced by the fact that its users can take a break by playing foosball if they find it stimulating. Located in Zagreb, this co-working space offers 100/100 Mbps in a friendly setting for a price range from 50 HRK (approx. $8) per day to 800 HRK (approx. $120) per month.

HUB385 Innovation Center – Former textile factory building turned space to create and share, HUB385 is one of the biggest coworking spaces in Croatia. For a starting price of 825 HRK (approx. $123) per person and 3300 HRK (approx. $492) per month (for an office), this new place for young aspiring entrepreneurs offers more than you can imagine. They offer 10 conference halls of different sizes, office spaces, rooms for relaxation and a hardware lab.

Impact Hub Zagreb – Or as they like to say it: „We’re more than coworking“. They strive to give creative individuals, companies and organizations best possible conditions in which great ideas come to life. You can join them for a membership price of 375 HRK (approx. $56) for 40 hours per month or 1300 HRK (approx. $195) for 24/7 business hours per month.

COIN Zadar – Zhe biggest advantage of this coworking place in Zadar is that it is free of charge (for now). It encourages micro-enterprises to slowly infiltrate into an over competitive and technologically advanced market.

Amosfera – Coworking place in Split where mild Mediterranean climate encourages young and ambitious people to work together and share experiences and skills for better results. A daily visit to Amosfera will cost you 80 HRK (approx. $12), and if you like it and wish to stay there for one full month, the price rises to 900 HRK (approx. $135).

Coworking Osijek – situated in the far east of the country in the city of Osijek, this incentive surrounding gathers proactive individuals, freelancers, and teams who wish to get the most out of the joint workplace.


Other coworking places in Croatia

WorkUp Inkubator 

CoreHUB Zagreb

Gilda Coworking

Tehnološki park Zagreb co-working


CoCreative Coworking


For those not yet convinced, there’s a study by Associate Professor Vareska Van de Vrande and Assistant Professor Michiel Tempelaar from Rotterdam School of Management which has shown that the real effectiveness of coworking lies in the interexchange of people’s input. 34 percent of 500 respondents states that they can easily improve their products and services because of the mutual knowledge sharing.

Besides the strong sense of community and socialization, coworking provides freelancers and professionals with an entirely different approach to work. Since most of these facilities are accessible 24/7, one can take a break when and how he or she wants to. For an example, go for a walk in the middle of the day, just to stretch out a little. Even if you don’t feel as an overly social person, some of the coworking places offer one man offices where you can quietly devote yourself to work.

With all of the aforementioned benefits, you can only hurry up and see if your city has a coworking space so you can join in.

In case we forgot to mention your coworking space, feel free to contact us!

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