Thank you for showing interest to write for Nomadship. We are happy to hear your stories and post your life-changing experiences working as a digital nomad.

Why guest posting?

Sharing is caring… With guest posting you and we…

What are we looking for in a guest post?

  • Stories about succeeding in freelancing world. Nowadays many people say that making money online is impossible. Are they right?
  • Stories about developing your career through tough competition on freelancing websites.
  • Stories about starting your own business (company) online.
  • Stories about traveling the world and working as a digital nomad, like we do.

How to submit your story?

You can email us your stories to with subject “Guest Post”. You can send us full post or just a pitch of your story. Please give us some reasonable time to review your post before we deicide to share it. Usually we answer to our emails within 24 hours. We won’t ignore you.

We don’t pay for guest posts. Yet, this will be changing soon so if you want to hold off until we can offer you a payment for the post, that’s totally fine.

We are happy to share your biography or any stories about your life changing experience working as a digital nomad. Also we don’t ask you to share our posts on your website or social media, but of course, we would love it if you do.