Why We Started Nomadship?

It all started at the beginning of summer 2015. David just got back home to Croatia after his trip to Thailand, while I was about to make a big change in my life: quitting my job and becoming a full-time freelancer.

The idea of building a community (or at least, aspire to build one) of like-minded people was naturally born since many of our friends were starting with freelancing. We imagined creating a place where we would share ideas, experiences, tips and tricks on how to become a freelancer, how to improve your skills and how to work and live as a digital nomad.

Nomadship in short – How to grow, both personally and professionally.

Having spent our summer traveling across the Croatian coast, we realised how much we actually enjoy living as freelancers and digital nomads. It was during that time that we developed our plans for Nomadship in detail.

I, after two interesting startup experiences behind me, was more than ready to take on a new challenges. David on the other hand had years of freelancing experience and was becoming quite an expert in digital marketing. He was eager to share his knowledge with others to say the least.

Why We Started Nomadship?

So here we are. It’s kind of fun to do something others consider impossible.

Our constant inspirations are freedom and knowledge. Technology today offers you both. It’s up to you to decide on how you’ll use the given opportunity.

On Nomadship you can read first hand stories on how to start working as a freelancer, tips and tricks on productivity and growth, as well as living a life as digital nomad.

We want to share and expand knowledge base behind freelancing success with our readers.

Since change and development have become parts of our daily lives, it is no wonder that there has been a major shift in workplace demographic. By 2020, approx. half the working population in the West will be composed of independent contractors. The great force behind all of this is technology. It enables as to work from wherever whenever.

Now (by now we mean 2015) is a great time to be an expert in anything online. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a digital nomad or simply someone new to freelancing, feel free to join us on our journey!

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