Coworking Spaces in Croatia

Being part of the evergrowing freelance community has made me realize that, while working alone, sometimes you find yourself in a rut. This state often manifests itself as a lack of creativity, inspiration, and motivation.

Importance of work strategy improvement had an influence on young professionals. They imagined a low-cost office space where people gather and work together. Not only it is a relatively inexpensive, but also a very productive way to carry out an activity they are assigned to.

The idea came to a realization and so-called coworking spaces have begun to spread rapidly among the freelance community. Since the numbers of these kinds of spaces are increasing each day, every developed country has at least a couple of coworking locations within its borders. Croatia is one of them.


If you’re anything like me, the only thing that’s keeping you from living a life of epic adventure is your account balance. I was once so poor that my bank reported ‘suspicious behaviour’ when my mother deposited a chunk of cash for my birthday! Apparently that was enough to trigger the alarm at Barclays. Surely this is the financial equivalent of bitchy backtalk?


Upwork Evolution

Last night, when I received an email from Upwork titled as an important update to Upwork’s pricing, I thought that finally some positive change will happen to the world’s biggest freelancers and freelance jobs marketplace.

Over the past few months, freelancers and businesses have experienced Upwork’s website and Team App not working for hours, and we’re using Upwork’s search engine, which would give results that have nothing to do with the search query. Not to mention the changes in the algorithm that calculates freelancers’ job success rate. Due to it, many independent contractors were left angry and in disbelief.

Yesterday, we at Nomadship thought Upwork is finally changing in a positive way, but we were wrong.


Starting a career as a freelancer comes with few different skills that you have to develop. One of those skills is managing your time while working with more than just one client. I remember times when I had 8-10 clients I was working for. Sometimes it was hard to manage all the work I was doing for them. Also, I have to mention that I had to meet each one of my clients via Skype on a weekly basis.


Why We Built Digital Nomads Community

As digital nomads, we tend to be solo travelers. This has been the case for me. For over seven years I have been on/off the road both as a nomad and expat. Last year for the first time I traveled and worked remotely with a community of entrepreneurs on the EU-Brazil Connect program. The program connects European Entrepreneurs with accelerators and business experts in Brazil for up to six months.


8 ways how remote workers and freelancers master productivity

Whenever someone says the word “freelancer”, people tend to imagine a person doing easy jobs from his computer, at home. That’s not quite right! Even without the additional challenges of productivity mastering, building a career in freelancing is hard work.

In freelancing, you don`t have a boss in the traditional sense. You are your own boss. No one but yourself is going to push you towards accomplishing your goals. Working as a freelancer and having a dream job can be quite nice, however, you need to keep in mind that there is a fine line between your dream job and a potential nightmare.

In order to develop your freelancing business and master your productivity you will need a set of strategies, to say the least (if not an actual war plan)


How to improve your Job Success Score on Upwork

With Upwork’s recent move from 5-star rating to Job Success Score as a representation of a freelancer’s work quality, and client’s satisfaction with it, many of us were left surprised with JSS’s changes every two weeks.

What happened to me is that after a month or so, none of my contracts were finished nor closed. I only worked on already existing jobs, which my clients were very happy and satisfied with. And then my Job Success Score dropped from 95% to 88%.

After that, my JSS continued falling every two weeks, being only 79% at one point.