If you’re anything like me, the only thing that’s keeping you from living a life of epic adventure is your account balance. I was once so poor that my bank reported ‘suspicious behaviour’ when my mother deposited a chunk of cash for my birthday! Apparently that was enough to trigger the alarm at Barclays. Surely this is the financial equivalent of bitchy backtalk?

These days, my bank account is looking considerably healthier and there is even more hope for the future. Money shouldn’t dictate your opportunities so around a year ago I decided to do something about it! I co-founded a start-up with my best friend Yasmine. The aim of Tibba was to create a platform where you can trade skills instead of bills.


Money was created as a form of liquidity to facilitate trade. It’s ironic then that there are so many people with awesome skills that would love to trade with each other but they can’t, because they don’t have enough cash.



Enter Tibba. We’ve developed a mobile app that lets people list the skills they are offering and they can then browse for new opportunities in their local communities (and internationally). For example, a freelance graphic designer could trade with a yoga studio in return for free lessons, or with a gym for free membership, or maybe with social media blogger for exposure. For me, it gets even more exciting in the context of travel. You could trade your skills with locals throughout your trip and get free accommodation, free experiences like surfing or horse riding, or maybe even develop your own business while you’re on the road.


Save your cash for the things that you have to pay for but don’t put your life on hold just because your finances are limited. Take charge of your time and your talent and start trading skills rather than bills.


Tibba is now on Kickstarter and we need your help to spread the word!


Erica Werneman

Tibba Co-founder

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