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As digital nomads, we tend to be solo travelers. This has been the case for me. For over seven years I have been on/off the road both as a nomad and expat. Last year for the first time I traveled and worked remotely with a community of entrepreneurs on the EU-Brazil Connect program. The program connects European Entrepreneurs with accelerators and business experts in Brazil for up to six months.

During my time in Brazil, there were over thirty entrepreneurs from the program spread across the country. We curated a close-knit community and regularly met up for meals, city trips, professional development such as mastermind groups and even sleepovers. This was the first time in a long time I was surrounded with an awesome crowd of like-minded people.

It’s no surprise I joined forces with two entrepreneurs. Saskia Naujok from Berlin became my co-founder at Sprinters, a global three-day hackathon to support women into entrepreneurship. The second entrepreneur is Lisbon-based Ioannis Papoutsis and together we are launching Terminal 3. This is a six-month travel and remote work program for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Once back in Europe, we all missed the community we built. This got us thinking and before we knew it Terminal 3 was born at our program reunion in Brussels a few months later.

After entrepreneurs on my program left for Europe, I did the opposite and extended my stay. However to fill the void of loneliness and lack of community I took part in Startup Weekend in both Chile and Brazil, plus attended meetups in Argentina and Uruguay whilst working remotely across South America. Despite making lifelong friendships the void was unfilled. It demanded the presence of a community that extended a period of a week or two.

It’s no secret, ‘a key challenge as a digital nomad is loneliness’ as stated by Buffer CEO, Joe Gascoigne. Loneliness topped with the stress of spending hours if not days booking travel arrangements and dealing with logistics is no fun either. This easily ate into my working schedule. However at Terminal 3 we do all this for you. The program is developed with you the remote worker in mind. Six months travel and remote work in a different country each month. Plus regular get-togethers, social and business events, did we mention twice weekly yoga and language classes?

The digital nomad life is lonely. With 84% of UK employers and 39% of US companies being open to remote work, time is now to connect with a community of like-minded people. We scheduled 30 slots for Terminal 3 which are now fast filling up. Join a community, live, learn and grow.

Life is too short to wait for your next holiday.

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  1. Hi Mevish,

    Amen to this. Loneliness is a biggie obstacle/downside in our nomad lives so be social, surround yourself with friends wherever you are and build communities. Love this idea….and your fabulous blogging and twitter presence. Yes, I follow you around 😉


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